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Simon Lobos

PhD Candidate

I have always been interested in pursuing a career in biological research, as well as
my bachelor’s degree at Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador (Ecuador), investigating the genetic diversity of a small leaf litter group of lizards (Alopoglossus) distributed in northern South America. I learnt the relevance of genetics to the management of natural populations. Therefore, an important goal of mine is to understand the genetic concepts and tools needed to develop efficient conservation plans for threatened species. Luckily, I found Ecogenetics lab where I am now undertaking my PhD, looking at which landscape attributes shape floral genome patterns in the Grampians Region, Australia. Specifically, the emergence and maintenance of genetic variation and the processes underlying the observed patterns within and among plants communities. I will be using population genomics, reciprocal transplant experiments and glasshouse pot experiments to elucidate a) future climate adaptation, b) population differences in physiological adaptations to drought/aridity and thermal stress and c) degree of differentiation between past and present patterns of connectivity between plant

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