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Harry Coleman

PhD Candidate

Harry is a PhD candidate conducting genetic research on Short-finned Eels (Anguilla australis/Kooyang) in the Budj Bim cultural landscape. Harry completed a Bachelor of Environmental Science (Wildlife and Conservation Biology) and an Honours degree exploring patterns of wetland biodiversity using DNA Metabarcoding. Currently, Harry is working with traditional owners, industry and local government to focus on filling critical knowledge gaps around the resilience of local Eel fisheries. Specifically, by using population genomics to gain insights into the genetic uniqueness of the Budj Bim Kooyang fishery, environmental DNA to assess Eel habitat use within the Budj Bim landscape and DNA metabarcoding of gut contents to characterise Eel diets. Understanding the diet, habitat use, and genetic composition of Short-finned Eels is key for understanding fisheries resilience and informing future management.


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