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The EcoGenetics Lab at Deakin University is distributed across three locations including the Queenscliff Marine Station, Warrnambool campus, and Waurn Ponds campus. The group is led by Craig Sherman and Adam Miller, whose research program focusses on a range of fundamental and applied questions relating to the ecology and evolution of native and invasive species. The team is particularly interested in research that provides insights into the evolutionary processes that shape patterns of biodiversity, environmental resilience, and the ability of species and ecosystems to adapt to environmental change. 

To tackle these questions, the EcoGenetics Lab uses a combination of the latest molecular tools along with ecological experimentation, and modeling-based approaches. The team’s research has a broad taxonomic and environmental focus spanning threatened, keystone, invasive, and commercially important species, inhabiting aquatic and terrestrial environments. The EcoGenetics Lab is committed to research that not only helps us better understand our natural world, but also provides management solutions to complex environmental issues in a rapidly changing world.

Latest Updates


PhD Opportunity: Development of methods for the recovery of seagrass meadows

PhD Opportunity : Population genomics of Australian alpine plants

Genetic identification of critically endangered fish species in Northern Victoria