Dr Mun Hua Tan

Associate Research Fellow

My expertise lies in the area of genomics and bioinformatics, mainly focusing on DNA barcoding, animal whole genome research and comparative analyses. These involve various analyses of large volumes of sequence data generated from modern sequencing platforms (E.g. by Illumina, Oxford Nanopore). Examples include hybrid assemblies and analyses of a number of marine vertebrate and invertebrate genomes and more recently, the genome of a large crustacean genome. My recently-completed PhD study involved the utilisation of high-throughput sequencing data to study mitochondrial genomes of poorly-known decapod species and the development of phylogenetic and comparative mitogenomic functions within a bioinformatics tool (MitoPhAST), enabling users to conduct large-scale comparative mitogenomic studies and ultimately providing valuable insights into the evolution of decapod crustaceans. Other research fields of interest include transcriptomics and differential expression, genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS), phylogenetics and the development of pipelines and tools for bioinformatics.